OpaCove ~ SeaSquirts



Technologies / Deliverables Employed

Name Development
Branding & Product Nomenclature
Stationery Collateral
Photography & Video
Brochures & Hang Tags
Print Ads
Trade Show
Product Sales Sheets
PR Campaign

An Architect client of Range had a great idea for new life jacket for kids. We helped him follow that dream.

Range developed the naming and branding of the parent company, OpaCove, as well as the first product line of lifejackets branded as SeaSquirts.

From there we really got to work! Using the conceptual product demos that were produced Range created an entire marketing, sales and PR campaign as well as produced packaging, trade show, sales videos and sales sheets with individual UPC codes and stocking info sheets for resellers. Before the first jacket had officially been produced and shipped, thanks to a little PR campaign in advance, the preorders on the website for the life jackets were far beyond the expectations of our client, who had another full time job… The entire product line and company were subsequently sold to a mega-corporation in the water toy industry almost immediately and the product line continues selling strong and growing market share.

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Successful Company Launched